The Freeze Tag's Hamster Kid is an animated musical collaboration between Brooklyn MC Bisco Smith produced by Los Angeles-based Cassettes Won't Listen and visually brought to life by world-renowned street artist Bishop 203, and director Vidoli of Blackwolf.

The group was formed in the summer of 2010 while Bisco Smith was visiting CWL's studio in Los Angeles. A week long collaboration of writing and recording ensued as Bishop 203 and Vidoli were quickly brought on board. A week later the studio doors opened and out walked the album's central character, Hamster Kid.

The everyman's underdog, Hamster Kid fights to stay true to himself while overcoming pressures from peers, naysayers, and society at large. Our hero's journey starts with a turbulent escape from an oppressive underground corporate complex. It then moves above ground where Hamster Kid finds solace and strength in the optimism of the big city where he rediscovers himself and the aspirations that lay dormant for so long. Finally, from his rooftop launch pad our hero makes his leap towards the outer expanse in search of the final freedom he has ultimately strived for.

If there is one thing to be taken from the story of Hamster Kid, it is to "...find what you love on the playground hustle," chase that love and make it your life.

The final project is comprised of 5 songs with animated videos for each. Remixes by fellow Daylight Curfew artists, Echoes Alike, Devang Shah, Turnbull Green and J.Vegus soon followed and will be available as free downloads before the record's release.

Be on the lookout for Cassettes Won't Listen's upcoming solo record, EVINSPACEY, out June 21st on Daylight Curfew and Bisco Smith's collaborations with the likes of BQ:RAM, Peter Jay, and Turnbull Green in the near future.


released January 6, 2011

All Songs written by Bisco Smith and Produced by Cassettes Won't Listen. Go to the website to see the full animated series by artist Bishop203 and animator Vidoli thefreezetag.com



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